About us

PROBET is a company which has been operating since 1996. We have an experienced staff and an expansive machine park utilising the most up-to-date technologies used around the world such as construction machines guided via tacheometers (bulldozer, grader).

Our customer service department hosts the widest choice of paving blocks in the region, as well as the lowest prices.

The company’s main area of operation are road works. These include:
– Full construction, reconstruction and renovation of roads, streets, car parks and squares, sanitation, sewage, heating networks and storage reservoirs.
– Sale of paving blocks, terrace tiles, curbs, palisades, flower beds, drainages, accessories i.e. chemical cleaners and treatment chemicals for paving blocks

We also specialise in:

– Renting of CAT construction machinery – diggers, loaders, digger-loaders, crawler bulldozers, graders, steamrollers, brick paving machines, compactors
– various ground work services

– Construction of unique foundations e.g. for line output transformers, distribution transformers, pylons etc.
– snow removal and transport from roads
– replanting trees

If you are interested, feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail at: